Shades of Yellow

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Photo Journal



Wonderful performance by Ryan and Ricky from so You Think You Can Dance
Sensational Lyrical HipHop Routine
+ the song is just AMAZING !

(all rights reserved to FOX)

Mirror ? Or Illusion ?

Sometimes... Magic Just Happens

The Highway

Well I try my best, to be just like I Am !
While everybody wants you, to be just like them.

Rage Against The Machine – Maggie’s Farm

Hello there, bunch of mortals,
Welcome to my page !

You are now taking part of a ‘history in the making’;
This is the Beginning of what I will Call : The Amine Z Post !

My web Journal, where I will probably post stuff about anything and everything.
From very philosophical theoretical concepts, to artistic photography, passing by some very worldly subjects,…
Just go get a drink, sit well, loosen up and prepare to be amazed!

One Thing you must remember though. . . This! Is! Sparta !